Friday, February 14, 2014

You can stop hoarding taco bell sauce packets now!

I am not a fan of going out to eat on Valentine's Day, so we planned a Mexican Valentine's Evening dinner with family.  We picked Mexican because I got to try the new Taco Bell Sauces.  Well, I shouldn't say new - I should say "newly" packaged.  Its the same old good Taco Bell Sauce.

We had tacos, rice, and refried beans.  Everyone tried sauce on their taco.  Hands down, Verdi won has the fave.  Mild was second fave.  The Fire bottle is still untouched.  Nobody was that brave.

It is really cool to have a taste of yummy fast food in the house with homemade food.  The bottle is pretty good sized.  Having it in the fridge means my husband is most likely going to dump it on every - eggs, pizza, meat, fries, potatoes, and even toast.
If you are fan of taco bell sauces, you need to get a bottle in your fridge!

#gotitfree I was sent samples of Taco Bell sauces to test out.  YUM!

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