Monday, February 3, 2014

January Earnings

I think that couponers, by nature are frugal.  Through couponing websites like We Use Coupons I started learning all about lots of ways online to get free products and make a little spare money.  Below is a list of goodies I got this January.  Some surveys companies, programs, or samples are available for Alaskans.  I am happy all the things below were shipped to me!

Swagbucks: $25 AGC
I earned $25 in Amazon Gift cards this month from Swagbucks (as well as horded away some points for February).  Over $3 of that money came from simply printing coupons from Swagbucks.

I got a cool kit in the mail from BzzAgent that included a Schick Razor & coupons for shaving gel.  I also got some good coupons for $$$ off the razors.  Score!

Crowdtap: $20 AGC & Hersheys Spread
I won $20 in random Amazon Gift Certificates from December Crowdtap Activities.
I also scored a sample and share kit for Hershey's spreads.  I make a mean chocolate peanut butter fluffer nutter sandwich!

Savingstar: $30 Paypal
I cashed out my last few months of savingstar earning for $30.  yay!

Misc. Freebies in the Mail:
Mary Kay Lipstick
Disposal Cleaner
Beechnut Coupons
Turkey Hill Coupons

Not too bad of a way to kick off 2014

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