Making Pocket Change Online

I do several programs online that earn me some dough.  I will never get rich with any of these programs, but having some extra cash or giftcards in my pocket is kind of nice!

*I focus a lot on how many Amazon Gift Cards I get.  I am finding that sometimes Amazon has the best prices available for Alaskans.  With free shipping deals and other sales, I have been able to stock up on some groceries with nothing out of my pocket!

Below is a list of programs I personally have used and received payment from:


Since I started Swagbucks back in December 2011, I have earned over $100 in free Amazon Gift Cards.  You earn points through web searches, shopping, daily taska, surveys, and other easy ways.  They release special Swag Codes from time to time to help you accumulate points.  Its supper easy and just takes a few second a day to get some points.  Many people use Swagbucks as a search engine, as opposed to Google.  You can go HERE to sign up. 
I just amped up what I've been doing with Swagbucks, and I've already cashed in $25 for the month of April,

I-Say Surveys by Ipsos

This is a survey site which gives you cash or gift cards for taking surveys.  I have been doing this since January 2011 and have earned $60 in Amazon Gift Cards.  I like this site because even if you don't qualify for the surveys, they give you 5 points and then chances for a sweepstakes.   The surveys range in topics from enw products to cell phone service.  I just took one today about snoring. Very simple way to earn some cash.


When I say pocket change, I literally mean pocket change here!  I joined 2 weeks ago and have had a grand total of .88.  (I know almost laughable, buta t this rate I'll make $23 this year a minute of clicking each week.)  You Data is a website where you earn change for clicking on ads targeted for you based on a questionaire.  I have gotten 5- 15 cents for click.  You don't even have to look at the website - just click it open.  Everytime you are exposed to an ad, someone makes some money off it.  The website's philosophy is that you should get a cut too!  Go HERE to sign up. is the smart way to save for your child's college education
This won't put money directly into your pocket, but it can help you save money for college and/or pay off certain student loans.  I have been using this site since 2008 and have paid off $279.96 worth of student loans in that time without even trying.  You can earn money by shopping online, registering store cards for certain items, clipping ecoupons, or even eating at certain restaraunts.  It is a great way to get a child's college savings going!  They apply your money right to your Sallie Mae loan or deposit it straight into your college savings.

There a few more I have used, but I haven;t gotten any payments from.  They come reccomended from others.

Opinion Outpost
I never seem to qualify for any of the surveys, but I know people who earn more with this than I do with Ispos.  I wish I would qualify more often!

I just signed up for this 2 weeks ago and am nowhere close to earning bucks, but you can earn $20 at a time.

InBox Dollars
Confirm that you've read e-mails and earn pennies.  Pretty Simple.  Haven't played with this one too much. 

Super Points
This is a pretty easy program.  I just open one e-mail a day and earn a few pennies.  I could do more to earn faster, but I've been lazy.  I have $13 that I'll some day cash out.