Thursday, February 13, 2014

Always take your coupons with you!

All I needed yesterday from Carr's was a pack of hamburger rolls for sloppy Joes, but I lugged my huge coupon binder in anyway.  I always do when I go into any store.

In most stores I have a bare minimum route I walk when I go in.  I know where Carr's,  Fred Meyer, Target, Walgreens, and Wal-Mart hide all the clearance.  I have to at least cruise by the sections even if I don't dig.

I eagle river Carr's I go down the yogurt aisle (always clearance there), then check for clearance juice by the milk.  Then I hit up the clearance rack between juice and cheese. There are also bins by the lunch meat and full meat sections.  The freezer cases on the end caps sometimes have red stickers. Last but not least, I cruise by the salads and fancy cheese area where I sometimes fond good deals.
(Sorry for the long narrative, but this route is a ritual! Of course I shop other aisles, but these are spots I find deals!)

Last night I found posts of deodorant on clearance.  I had coupons fir them all.  I also found clearance juice which I had a coupon for.  I paid $4.76 for my pictures haul. They paid me to take the deodorant out.  Had no coupon for the plastic wrap and paid full price for the buns.

I cannot stress to you enough to always have your coupons with you!

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