Finding the Best Alaskan Gas Deals

For me, finding the cheapest gas is a two step process:

1)  I go to Gas Buddy and see where the cheapest Gas is in proximity to where I am or where I'll be headed.  (I don't believe in driving out of the way for cheap gas.  I either look online at or use my free iPhone App.

2)  I consider what rewards I have earned at which place.  I personally collect rewards at Fred Meyer, Holiday, and Carrs.   You just earn gas rewards doing your normal shopping at these stores. I don't seem to ever actually pay what the sign at the gas station says!

(I also make sure I don't use my rewards until I need to fill up my whole tank.  I'd rather save $1 per gallon on 13 gallons as opposed to 10 gallons!)

Lowest Gas Prices in Anchorage

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