Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Why aren't you "SwagBucking" Yet?

I just cashed in my 5th Amazon Gift Card from Swagbucks today.  That is my 5th one just this month!  Our Budget is tight so coupons help a lot.  But earning gift cards through Swagbucks helps a whole lot too!  I cash out with Target cards, Pay pal, or Amazon cards.  Every little bit helps.

I earn most of my Swagbucks through watching videos and doing surveys.  It can take a little time, but there are great resources to help you out.  I use the forums at weusecoupons.com to help as well as the Facebook group "Swagbuck Offers that Credit."

*Disclaimer:  If you sign up under My Link, I will earn some swagbucks from you signing up.  I just want to be transparent about that.  But  I really believe in Swagbucks and wouldn't post it on my page if it were not legit and useful!

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  1. Gotta love swagbucks! Glad to see you're blogging and couponing again :-)