Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Carrs Match Ups 1/22/14 - 1/28/14 with the Famous $5 Friday!

Here are the deals for this week's Carr's $5 Friday.  You can find the full ad at
I am including coupons found in lower 48 papers and not just local Anchorage papers.  So many people I know order coupons from regions with better coupons.  (I'll do a blog on these resources soon!)
Be sure to check your J4U account to see if you have any personalized coupons to match with the sales.
(I put my favorite deals in orange!)
$5 Friday!
Primo Taglio Mesquite Turkey or Provolone Cheese - $5.00/lb
Blueberries 18 oz - $5.00  (But really, if you need to buy blueberries and you live in Alaska, lemme take you berry picking next fall!)
County Fried Dark Meat Chicken 8 Piece - $5.00
Signature Cafe Express Special - $5.00
Florida's Natural 89 oz or Minute Maid Orange Juice 128 oz - $5.00
Safeway SELECT® Artisan Fresh Fruit Flan Handcrafted - $5.00
 Safeway Home Bath Tissue or Paper Towels or Pantry Essentials Bath Tissue 12 Roll or 6-8 Roll Towels - $5.00

Foster Farms Party Wings 2.5 lb - $5.00 (Stock up now for the Super Bowl!)
Pepperidge Farm Goldfish 4.8-15 oz or Frito Lay Variety Pack 20 ct - $5.00

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