Saturday, April 5, 2014

Viva Paper Towels - My Take

I was fortunate enough to be able to sample Viva Vantage Paper towels for free through Crowdtap.  YAY!

I was sent 4 rolls - 1 to keep and 3 to share.  I hated parting with the other 3 rolls, but I gave them to two coworkers and my mom stole one before I could stop her!

The paper towels worked really well.  I had a huge mess on my kitchen table ranging from soil to marker to dried juice.  It just took two paper towels to clean the mess.  I was happy with that.

Viva is a strong and stretchy towel.  I was impressed by its usage.

I was not, however, impressed by the texture.  It has a coarse texture and it just felt horrible on my skin.  It weirded me out.  That, combined with the price, means I most likely won't be getting these paper towels, unless I get a killer deal.

I was happy to have tried them.  You should check them out if you want to try a nice, strong paper towel.

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