Thursday, March 13, 2014

Amazon Prime Rate Going Up - $99

Amazon Prime (One Year Membership)

I was so sad to read on WUC today that beginning April 17th, the yearly rate for Amazon Prime is going up to $99 - that is a $20 increase over the current rate.  This is the article about it.

I will begrudgingly pay that rate.  Why?  As you know, shipping rates are usually horrible to Alaska.  I can get "free" (after $99) shipping here to Alaska with Amazon Prime.  If I bought some of the things I do through Amazon, I'd be spending more on shipping than I do on the product.

Best Example: Utz Potato Chips.  I am addicted.  Its a mid Atlantic favorite.  Mmmm BBQ and Crab Chips!  To Order 3 Family Bags of Chips it would be $12.47 (worth it) Plus $40.32 Shipping - Not Worth it!  I discovered that from time to time Amazon has Utz chips as an add on item.  Shipping is free.  Two orders pays for my Amazon Prime membership!

I hate to sound like a commercial for Amazon, but I really think Alaskans should have Amazon Prime.  I've gotten tons of things from them ranging from diapers, wipes, baby formula, canned goods, movies, and the list goes on.

Right now Amazon has a free Amazon Prime Trial for 30 Days.  If you take advantage of the trial before March 20th, you get locked in to the $79 rate.  If you have been interested in Amazon Prime, now is the time to do it! **Disclaimer - If you sign up through my link provided, I will get a tiny kick back, but I'm not posting this for money. I am posting it so you can take advantage of the price. I would never post anything on this page that I don't personally use!

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