Sunday, April 15, 2012

Earning Alaska Airlines Miles

I am trying to save my pennies so I can fly to Maryland and see my family this summer.  I keep thinking it would be sooo nice if somehow I could just earn a free flight.  So, I am a good girl and have my Safeway card linked to my Alaskan airlines account.  I know lots of people have the Alaska Airlines Bank of America card and that earns them miles as well.  But don't let the savings stop there!

Have you noticed on the Alaska Airlines has a whole list of Specialty Partners?  There are so many other ways that you can earn miles.  I just signed up for e-Miles last night and earned 300 miles in a matter of minutes.  Can't wait to see how many other of these programs I take advantage of.

I am a huge fan of buying gift cards at Carrs (or Fred Meyers) for chains that I am going to spend money at anyway.  I will buy Mcdonalds, Applebees, Starbucks, and cards there because it will earn me miles. The $20 here and there and gift cards adds up and helps earn those miles.

I especially love the Starbucks deal - If I buy a $15 Starbucks Gift Card and then use that Gift card at a Carrs Starbucks - all purchased after swipping my Carrs card - I will have earned 30 points towards free airline miles!

Also, watch for local retailers that offer airline miles when you make purchases.  I think Spenard Builders has one going on right now.  I'll make posts for them as I see them.

So, get out there and start increasing those airline miles!

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